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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Conservatives Concerned About Religion

According to this article, conservatives are worried about SC nominee Harriet Miers. The issue would seem like something of non-importance to you or me, but to the conservative poilticians in Washington are very concerned about how pious Miss Miers is. Why would this be an issue? If this is an issue, would republicans oppose a Muslim nominee on the reason of personal belief, even if they were more than qualified?

This probe into Miers personal life is interesting, because it could also be a ploy utilized by the Republicans. They could be putting doubt into Miers' conservativeness, in the attempt to fool liberals into confirming their man, or in this case woman.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Creationism Versus Science

The hot-point issue of teaching creationism with evolution has been in the political spectrum of the United States for some time now. With all due respect to all the pious people in the United States, why would we teach something you can't prove, and further more, why would you teach something you can't really teach? How does a teacher devise a lesson plan on the beliefs of what a select group believes in spiritually? Do you start with what the Bible says, that God created Adam, then eventually Eve because he was lonely? Or do you just leave it open and say, “Someone created some people somehow!” I think it’s ridiculous that we’re even considering teaching something so belief-based, and unfounded. I believe in facts, fossils, and Darwinism, but that doesn’t take away from my spirituality. And recognizing obvious evolutions in animals from the beginning of time and omitting our possible evolution is something of personal issue. And personal issues shouldn’t intrude in the minds of the masses of public school systems. If you believe that a product of religion should be taught to your child, you should do this on your own time, and not expect the school system carry the load for you.


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