Monday, October 10, 2005

Creationism Versus Science

The hot-point issue of teaching creationism with evolution has been in the political spectrum of the United States for some time now. With all due respect to all the pious people in the United States, why would we teach something you can't prove, and further more, why would you teach something you can't really teach? How does a teacher devise a lesson plan on the beliefs of what a select group believes in spiritually? Do you start with what the Bible says, that God created Adam, then eventually Eve because he was lonely? Or do you just leave it open and say, “Someone created some people somehow!” I think it’s ridiculous that we’re even considering teaching something so belief-based, and unfounded. I believe in facts, fossils, and Darwinism, but that doesn’t take away from my spirituality. And recognizing obvious evolutions in animals from the beginning of time and omitting our possible evolution is something of personal issue. And personal issues shouldn’t intrude in the minds of the masses of public school systems. If you believe that a product of religion should be taught to your child, you should do this on your own time, and not expect the school system carry the load for you.


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At 12:59 PM, Blogger Fosterone said...

Iam a true believer of God .I do feel that parents should teach there own childern about God.When I have childern I want to teach them about God.I want to give my own opinions and veiws.In schools they may explain in the wrong way.They may not get the full value and meaning of God.

At 1:19 PM, Blogger Maut said...

Do you think that the creation of the world should be taught in school at all then? The only real scientific based theory that has any grounds is the "Big-Bang" theory. This theory requires you to believe that there was nothing and then all of a sudden there was a big explosion. Since this cannot be proven should it not be taught? Should schools completely disregard any type of explanation for the beginning of the world? Should anything that can't be proven by fact be completely disregarded? I think that there would be a lot of important information left out if you disregard anything that can't be proven.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Zig Zag said...

You are right it would be difficult to teach something that leaves a question in people's forehead, unless you are a real believe and have strong faith. But for many young children they are just starting or begining to practice their faith. It is difficult for schools to expect teachers to teach something they quiet do not understand, especially if the teacher is not religious or has faith. I agree that schools should not teach creationism, but i also believe that evolution should be taught either. I should be the parents responsiblity to teach their child about their faith or eight take them to faith formation classes. Many times although we can not see something it does not mean it is not there, right. For example, atoms we can not really see atoms but scientist argue and believe that atoms do exist, so we end up believing it and teaching it in schools, right? So just because there are no facts about creationism does not mean that it does not exist.

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Joe Mom said...

The Big Bang can't be proven. But it is proven that the universe expanded from a single point in nothingness. We can see this by knowing the position of stars and seeing the light from where they were millions of years ago (because it takes years to reach us).

We can also tell that the universe is expanding. This is all scientific theory. And SHOULD be taught in schools since it's fascinating. The science of God creating man hasn't been outlined. There is simply no science to creationism.

I'm not saying disregard creationism, but rather teach something with no evidence, on your own time. The Big Bang has proof to create a scientific theory.

At 1:29 PM, Blogger wrxXcore said...

ok so pretty much either way u look at it there really isnt much evidenc for either side. but darwinism and evolution tends to be a more proveable fact. my head starts to hurt when i think about this stuff, cuz of all the factors and such, but heres an idea. just think about it.

ok so God decideds to create life, the heavens, the whole nine yards. he creates life on earth in many different forms. then He decided sit bak and enjoy the ride. so bascially God created life and then sat bak to enjoy the ride. from the second He created life He hasnt touched us since. so from then on life was forced to evolve to survive. creationism and darwinism in one nice package. take it, chew it, its good.

just a thought

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Joe Mom said...

I'm not discounting the theory that God created us. There are still missing links in the evolution of human. It's up to a better man than me, to create a hypothesis that combines the two.

I think it's entirely possible that God created the Big Bang. Since most scientists can't fathom anything before the big bang.

I mean a universe was created out of nothing... I think a God is possible.

At 4:23 PM, Blogger rider7070 said...

I read National Geographic a lot and every couple of months they come up with new fossil evidence of some early human, new dates for earliest humans, and new something. So why don't we just settle the issue by coming out in the schools and saying look, we don't know enough about this subject to actually teach it with accuracy. There was no one around 10000000 years ago. If you want to know more, if its important to you, pick you're belief study it, and take what evidence you want and formulate you're on hypothesis and live you're life according to it. If it's that important people will seek the answer to satisfy themselves.

At 5:16 PM, Blogger xoxo said...

Let's understand one thing: Evolution is taught as a theory and not an absolute truth and that is the way it should stay. I don't see how anyone can argue that teaching a THEORY is wrong. Because it is a scientific theory it is taught in a science class, makes sense doesn't it. What class would you teach creationalism in because it's obviously not science. I'm not saying that either theory is right or wrong. But yes evolution does belong in school and creationalism belongs in your sunday school class. Oh yeah and if we only taught absolute truths there wouldn't be a science class in any public school.


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